Mr. Modi-A Economist

Once again Mr. Modi- a single point of information came forward with his economic policies. Indian people wanted that he should run the country as he did the economical reforms in Gujarat. He is a very helpful person to the needy people as his critics explained him. He has reputation of clean govt. and economic competence. Modi’s time in Gujarat offered a guide to his approach to the bigger job of fixing India’s economy at that time. The financial reforms he did at that time because he had deep roots in commerce. The reforms he did it in Gujarat were first the roads through and around Ahemdabad were excellent which increased the commerce rate in Gujarat. The state had moved from deficit to surplus with energy demands of a blooming economy. Water supply was abundant. Land was easily available for commercial development. IT Sector was given importance. e-governance was another factor . Definitely his elements of economics were not upto the level of developed countries but some of economist compared him with Mrs. Margret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan at that time. Coming back to today, first day of lockdown of India the priceless economy is seen once again. Then Finance Minister Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman. Thirdly RBI chief and then SBI chief to fight against Crono. Crona has shaked the economy of not only to India but to the whole world. Now this is our turn to make Modi a successful economist.In the last but not the least Modiji –

” Hard work is stronger than Harvard.”

Hats off to PM Modi

On the national call of PM Modi about the ‘Janta Curfew’ to fight against not only 10 – mouth Ravana rather 100- mouth Ravana the Carona Virus. It has declared as penademic. Mr. Modi has taken a very powerful step for the country. Mr. Modi is known for his bold steps for the important issues. This kind of bold PM was needed for the country like India. Just on one lion roar the whole country including the opposition woke up and saluted him. He knows to win the hearts of millions of people all around the world because of his strong discissions. I salute you MODi JI.